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Athletes can track their progress during the event and our replay feature allows them to relive their race after completion

Maps can be customised, add colour tracks and markers, points of interest, emojis, various mapbox styles, sponsor logo and link

Statistics will be displayed for each participant such as; speed, distance from the start with accumulated ascent and descent data

Gap analysis is available for instant calculation of distance and time difference between participants.

2. Public map for

Increase fan base and raise sponsor profile by sharing your live event with your participant's supporters.

Integrated social media feeds - share and promote your event to a wider audience 

Updated every 10 seconds, the map provides details on the distance to go and predicted time to finish

The search bar reveals lists of participants, map settings and live rank

Supporters can activate features such as Follow and Select.


3. Private map for
     Event Team
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Improved athlete safety and SOS response time

Get real-time location data for key personnel including medics, sweep runners and volunteers

Oversee the event from HQ and monitor the live tracking map via a mobile phone or computer screen

Tracking map access given by invitation only.





RaceMap App is a comprehensive Tracking App for spectators and participants. Our users simply download the App for free (iOS & Android) to their smartphones. It provides access to multi-event real-time sports tracking, updating every 10 seconds.



Ideal for longer duration events such as Ultra's or for key event personnel such as medics


The SIM card uses the strongest available network


Location data can be sent every 10 seconds to every 2 minutes


Tracker stores location if out of signal then transmits when signal returns


Units have an SOS button that alerts race organisers and flags your position on the map 


30hr Battery 

On receipt of participant data, individual GPS units are linked to individual participants. These pre-programmed units are then sent to the participant prior to the event or collected on the day.



Ideal for shorter duration events

Tracking via an entrants mobile phone is the most cost-effective option and opens up GPS tracking to all your entrants.

Service utilises the phones GPS tracking capabilities

Participants redeem a key in Racemap app to activate Live Tracking for a specific event




During map set-up, our software generates reference keys (unique codes). These codes are distributed to participants who request a mobile phone tracking service. These keys can be easily activated in four simple steps and tested by participants prior to the event: 


An email will be sent to participant with a unique key to activate tracking

Participant must download free RaceMap App and launch it on their mobile phone

Search and select their event in Upcoming Events

Enter their unique key

GPS Live Splits & Ranking

GPS ranking can be used in tandem  with more precise timing options available via our partner ChipTimingUK (Logo) . Combining powerful GPS location data and precise RFID Timing Solutions for precision timing.


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Export API for Instant Race Data

Data stream for every participant of your competition, instantly every 10 sec. Perfect to feed infographics on TV such as the distance of the leading group and followers or for automated speed monitoring.


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Prediction with data from Time Keeping

Our unique algorithm receives sporadic detections from the timing system. The model predicts the location, speed and AI-based corrections, providing a smooth and realistic race visualization. Predictive Tracking is perfect for Live Tracking of all your participants, as there are no individual tracking devices needed.


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